The Songs That Could Have Been-Interview and Giveaway With Musician/Author Amanda Wen

Professional musician, native of Wichita, Kansas, and inspirational fiction author who shares my same maiden name, Amanda Wen is an author I personally couldn’t wait to interview! Listen to the end for a special performance by Amanda and me as we “hymnprovise” on Amazing Grace!

Although surprisingly we aren’t related, she’s a kindred spirit whose books ring true and strike a chord that resonates with me, and countless other readers as well.… Read More...

“Borod-in” Class

Cellist Jerry Chang is bored in class due to the repetitive nature of his music. What’s the point in playing an instrument if he’s stuck accompanying Franklin, the uppity first violinist? Even the second violinist and violist, the pretty Pearson sisters, seem ready for a change in tune. When Jerry suggests they play a song by the Romantic composer Borodin, the girls jump at the opportunity.… Read More...

The Hot Canary: A Fun Violin Joke

I hope you enjoy my recording of the this springtime classic.

Paul Nero

American Jazz Violin Hit Song with Ukrainian/Russian Roots

Paul Nero, a mid-twentieth-century composer known for his hot violin jazz tunes, made a splash in 1949 with his successful song, The Hot Canary. This hilarious hit would have been the talk of Twitter, full of bird tweets and trills throughout.… Read More...

Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Sound

Family, Fiction, and an adorable violin as the main character? How could I resist this fabulous children’s book by music teacher/author Courtney Woodward?

A fellow music fiction author with an amazing passion for bringing music education to students of all ages and stages, I had a blast chatting with Courtney today!… Read More...

Surface Pressure Viola Cover, from the Movie Encanto

If your house is anything like mine, we’ve been OBSESSED with the recent Disney feature film Encanto. As a Spanish teacher, musician, sister, and mom, I loved it!

The perennial theme of family and how different people find their place within their family really resonated with me. I liked that the three sisters each possessed their own distinct personalities, while still learning to get along with each other.… Read More...

The Red Violinists

I’m curious to see which cover you guys prefer, the existing one, or this original one that features more of the red? Or do you prefer the cartoon style like The Chronicles of Music Majors?The Red Violinists was also my originally working title. This chapter shows why…

I was also inspired by the movie, The Red Violin.… Read More...

An Unexpected Heirloom

Grandfather Panter McIlvain’s fiddle

Several years ago, I found out that my musical heritage dates back to my Grandpa Scheer’s grandfather. Apparently Granfather Panter McIlvain played the fiddle in a country band, performing for dances and parties in his town. He passed on his violin to his grandson, Harold, who gave it to his own children to learn.… Read More...

The Scene You’ve Been Waiting For…

My husband and me at our rehearsal dinner

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats for this chapter, lol. Do Jerry and Victoria finally get together?

Listen to find out…

Chapter 21

Today’s episode is sponsored by Jerry Chang’s super suave collection. Who doesn’t love the hunky hero of the novel?… Read More...

Hippo Christmas!

I know I’ve been a little post-happy this season, but Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year! And I figured some people need more fun music and podcasts to listen to while holiday baking, cleaning, and traveling! (And when I say some people, I’m including myself. So if you’re a musician or podcaster, send your posts my way!… Read More...

Music of the Harp-Interview with Bestselling Author Angela Breidenbach with Full Series Christmas Giveaway!

Bonus Holiday Episode! Listen to our interview where Angela shares how music has played a role in her family and fiction!

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The Harpist’s Muse

Calista Blythe enters the first Miss Snowflake Pageant celebrating Montana at Christmastime to expose the plight of street urchins.… Read More...

O Holy Night-Special Edition

Ever since I can remember, my mother would sing “O Holy Night” every year in our family Christmas shows. As a result, it has always been my favorite Christmas carol. Last year, I was honored to direct and produce a music video of this hymn in collaboration with my sister musical group Uptown Violins. … Read More...

Interview with Santa: His Surprising Reading List and Knack for Checking Things Twice

Black Friday Sale! Great Deals this Week!

Santa’s Top 3 Favorite Books of All Time (He’s read each of these multiple times.)

Santa’s Current Read: The Last Book of the Poldark Series

Santa’s Favorite Poems: YouTube Playlist: Some A Bit Spooky!

Santa’s Role as Proofreader for A Change in Tune (He’s checked it more than twice!)… Read More...

Chapter 13: Dueling Violins

In spite of their rivalry, Victoria and Adrienne attempt to perform together like when they were little. Can they put aside their differences for a few minutes to play together? Or will the cat claws emerge?

My youngest sister and me as dueling violins at a talent show. I think she won!

Fact or Fiction?

Me at my concerto concert
Ashley as Laura Ingalls

Growing up, I loved reading authors of autobiographical fiction. My favorite, of course, was Louisa May Alcott’s legendary Little Women. She drew from her real life to create memorable, realistic characters that have charmed readers for centuries.

Another that inspired me, Laura Ingalls Wilder, wrote her Little House series based on her own autobiography.Read More...

Chapter 9: The Halloween Concert

This chapter was inspired by my mother’s real life collegiate concert. Apparently, it took place at midnight on Halloween. The conductor rose out of a coffin dressed as Dracula!!!

Mom and 3 of her sisters

Here she is featured with three of her sisters. All four of them have been my teacher at some point in my life!… Read More...

Back to Bach

After all the excitement of launch, it has taken me a little while to reset, but it’s time to return to some of our favorite composers!

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is the most well-known composer of the Baroque period, and one of the most famous composers of all time! He played many roles throughout his life, including composer, church organist, husband, and father to twenty children!… Read More...

Traditional vs. Contemporary?

Historical or Contemporary Fiction?

Classical or Pop Music?

Traditional or Contemporary Worship?

Conservative or Liberal?

This debate is centuries old, and pops up in almost every field.Where do you fall on the spectrum? And is there room for a middle ground?

Join me in celebrating book launch for A Change in Tune!Read More...

Labor Day Book Baby is Here! Early Paperback Release

After a long labor, I’m having a book baby! After years of waiting, multiple drafts, revisions, tears, and several days of nearly giving up, my first novel is finally here! And thanks to you all, it’s already the #1 New Release in the Teen & Young Adult Music Fiction category.

If you have enjoyed my work so far and you want to help share our love of music to others, please help me spread the word.… Read More...