My Story Behind the Music

Music has played a significant role in my life since before I can remember, weaving its melodies into the fabric of my identity. My mother, a violinist and singer by trade, began to teach me violin at the age of two. She taught my four younger sisters to play the instrument at a young age as well. As a result, many of my fondest memories growing up center around family performances, in which we’d play together for gigs throughout our hometown. 

For me, music extends beyond the notes themselves. It tells a story, whether one invented by the composer, or one we attribute to it as the artist. I’ve always been fascinated by the programmatic nature of works like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique, and Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. These composers drew inspiration from nature, literature, and personal experience to create stories and visuals that enhance the listeners’ overall experience of their works. 

Over the years, I’ve nurtured a love of both classic literature and classical music. My father, an avid reader, instilled a love of reading in my sisters and me from a young age. He’d often tell stories of the time he spent living in Paris. These stories inspired me to learn French in high school.

During my undergraduate years, in addition to my musical courses, I studied French, American, and British literature. After a career-altering arm injury, I turned my attention to French. I fell so in love with the language and culture that I spent the year following my graduation as a Fulbright teacher in Paris, France. I’d sit at cafés for hours, reading classic French literature like that of Victor Hugo and Émile Zola. When I returned to the US, I continued this passion for French by completing my Masters Degree in French literature and teaching language courses at the university.

In spite of my eclectic interests, I’ve never forgotten my love of music. After graduation, I formally began my own private violin studio in addition to my French teaching.

My mother, sisters, and I continue to perform together when possible, and I love to collaborate with fellow musicians!

Mom, my four sisters, and me all together!

Now, after nearly 10 years of teaching and a lifetime of performing, I’ve learned the importance of passing on this musical and literary heritage to the next generation. This dream inspired me to form Rescot Creative. Through my posts and publications I offer resources and tips of the trade to other musicians that have helped me over the course of my career. I’ve been incredibly blessed with teachers and mentors that have given me the tools and inspiration needed to run my own music studio.

I also want to share the love I’ve experienced growing up in a musical family via my stories, inviting others to join in the larger family we enjoy as fellow musicians. Although my stories and characters are fictional, many of the events were inspired by my real life experiences in the world of music. I want to make classical music accessible to everyone through virtual performances, genre mashups, and music fiction so that others can discover music in fun, innovative ways. 

My wonderful quartet

I’m honored you’ve joined me in this music-filled journey I call life. Solo Deo Gloria (Johann Sebastian Bach).

A special thanks to my incredible husband– the producer, videographer, frequent photographer, and behind the scenes support for this creative endeavor.