Violin Studio 101: Box Violin Craft

Me at the age of 2, playing on my box violin

Build your own little violin! This craft works great for teachers as well as parents of young students. It can also just be a fun introduction to musical instruments.

Prospective students are usually anxious to get started on the real violin, but often they’re not ready. If students are in middle school or older, I allow them to start with “the real deal.” However, it they are younger, especially my pre-schoolers and early grade-schoolers, most teachers recommend starting on the box violin. Where do you buy it? Better yet, why don’t you make it?

Teachers can prepare it themselves, or they can make it with their student as a craft at their first lesson. Otherwise, parents can make it with their own child for fun!

Violin Craft Supplies:

Fruit snacks box (size may vary, depending on the age of the student.)

scotch tape


Glitter or puff paint



Brown craft paper 

Bow: (I like to use the “boat” analogy to demonstrate how to hold the bow.)

Bow buddy

Stick cut to length (size may vary, depending on the age of the student) or order in bulk from Amazon link

Corn cushions

Electrical tape

Candy and stickers

For more fun musical crafts, check out Suzuki Way!

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