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Interested in helping support Ashley as an artist/musician? You can make a donation to Rescot Creative. Donors receive a signed copy of either A Change in Tune, or The Chronicles of Music Majors as a thank you for their gift!

$25 minimum

Ashley Rescot in white with acoustic violin

Thanks for considering sponsoring a group with copies of A Change in Tune! Students who otherwise might not have access to the book will now have the opportunity to experience the fictional world of the Belton University Music School!

Feel free to contact me if you already have a group in mind, or if you’d like me to pair you with an ensemble!

I also like to send my sponsors a special signed copy and a gift box of chocolates. I’m also happy to include your name in advertising on my site. Please contact me if interested!

Thanks so much for your support of music and A Change in Tune! Your contributions help make future books in the series possible. I couldn’t do it without you!

We have several packages available for you. Click the links to see sponsor’s chocolate gift!

Small Studio/Book Club: 10 Copies : $149.90 + Sales Tax

Small Ensemble/Class: 20 Copies: $299.80 + Sales Tax

Chamber Orchestra: 40 Copies: $599.60 + Sales Tax

Concert Orchestra/Class : 60 Copies: $899.40 + Sales Tax

Symphony Orchestra/Class: 80 Copies: $1,199.20 + Sales Tax

Would you like to include a copy of The Chronicles of Music Majors as well? In addition to the box of chocolates, you’ll receive a box of macarons as well!

Small Studio/Book Club/Class Deluxe: 10 Copies of both books: $259.80 + Sales Tax

Small Ensemble/Class Deluxe : 20 Copies of both books: $519.60 + Sales Tax

Chamber Orchestra/Class Deluxe: 40 Copies of both books: $1,039.20 + Sales Tax

Concert Orchestra/Class Deluxe: 60 Copies of both books: $1,558.80 + Sales Tax

Symphony Orchestra/Class Deluxe: 80 Copies of both books: $2,078.40 + Sales Tax

A huge thank you to Allison Peterson from Uptown Violins-Wichita, and Brittany Merrit from Uptown Violins-Dallas for being sponsors!

Brittany Merritt Suzuki violin teacher
Allison Peterson Suzuki violin teacher