The Power of Listening-Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks

As a musician, I have been trained ever since a very young age to rely on my ear. This skill has translated into so many areas of my life, including.

  • Learning music
  • Improvising music
  • Educating myself via podcasts while multi-tasking
  • Enjoying stories on audiobook

This past week, I enjoyed listening to my writing mentor K.M. Weiland’s recent release of the audio drama Wayfarer, and let me say, it was INCREDIBLE! I have been learning from her podcast and audiobooks for authors over the past 3 years. Her nonfiction was the impetus I needed to begin writing again!

However, listening to this full production of her artistic gem was truly remarkable. I loved seeing how she practiced what she preaches in her blog Helping Writers Become Authors throughout the entire story. Her story reminded me of a 19th-century Robin Hood and Maid Marian legend, as her lead character Will Hardy used his ability to rally the poor of England against the injustices of a corrupt ruler. (She even throws in a Robin and Marian reference at one point.) The Robin Hood legend has been one of my favorites, and I’ve enjoyed watching/reading various versions ever since I was a kid. Bravo!

In addition to her masterful writing, Sargent Family Productions truly brought her story to life with their talented cast, original music, and superb production staff. For anyone who wants a movie-quality experience without the need to be glued to a screen, this audio drama is the perfect escape!

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