Surface Pressure Viola Cover, from the Movie Encanto

If your house is anything like mine, we’ve been OBSESSED with the recent Disney feature film Encanto. As a Spanish teacher, musician, sister, and mom, I loved it!

The perennial theme of family and how different people find their place within their family really resonated with me. I liked that the three sisters each possessed their own distinct personalities, while still learning to get along with each other.

I also appreciated that the film presented family members of different generations, which helped the movie appeal to people of all age groups. Both Abuela (Grandma) and Maribel (the lead character) undergo important character developments in order to overcome the insecurities of their pasts.

Even the sisters Luisa and Isabela learn to accept the less-than-perfect aspects of their personalities and have more grace for themselves to experience their emotions.

I appreciate the value the Hispanic culture places on family, as well as their contributions to culture through enjoyable music. The songs in the movie were so catchy that we listened to them for several days in a row.

I hope you enjoy my viola cover of Luisa’s song, Surface Pressure.

P.S. If you enjoyed all of the above themes in Encanto, (multigenerational families, sisters, music, various cultures, and finding your place in your family) you should definitely check out my book A Change in Tune!