Practice Motivation Course

Practice Motivation Course

Join other members of the Rescot Creative Studio for 4 sessions devoted to helping your child achieve better practice results!

(Probably Sunday evenings on Zoom, but still negotiable)

Session 1: Parents only, Christine Goodner talks with us about practice motivation and answers questions

Session 2: Students and parents: Christine Goodner helps students come up with practice plans that offer them guidance on how to set big goals, little goals, and how to structure their practice sessions.)

(A Month Later)

Session 3 (In-person if possible): Students: Ashley Rescot follows up with students to see how their practicing is going, and if they're meeting their goals

Session 4: Parents only: Ashley Rescot follows up with parents to see if students have been sticking to their goals and improved practice plans

(The $50 reflects the cost for a minimum of 10 families (My 9 students + my family). Fewer families may result in a higher price per family to cover expenses.)