Violin lessons and programs: Directory sign-up

This past year, we as violin teachers have seen a massive shift to online lessons and programs. Although it has proven a challenge, I’ve been amazed to see developments improving the quality of online lessons, as well as the emergence of several excellent, specialized programs.

As a result, I wanted to compile a list of online teachers accepting violin students, as well as violin programs.

If you would like to be added to my referral directory page for potential students, please include:

  1. Your website (if available)
  2. How students can contact you (if different from your website)
  3. Areas of specialization
  4. Preferred level of student (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, or NA)
  5. Languages spoken (I have seen an international demand for lessons!)
  6. Please subscribe to this site (You must be a subscriber to be included in the directory.)
Add your name to my teacher referral directory:

I hope this resource proves useful for you as a violin teacher, as well as for potential violin students. We’re strongest when we all work together!

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