Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Sound

Family, Fiction, and an adorable violin as the main character? How could I resist this fabulous children’s book by music teacher/author Courtney Woodward?

A fellow music fiction author with an amazing passion for bringing music education to students of all ages and stages, I had a blast chatting with Courtney today!

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Violin always hears beautiful music throughout the music store where she lives, but she can never make the same sounds.

Join Violin on this music store adventure!

Meet new instrument families along the way and learn how their unique sounds and qualities create the symphony orchestra.

Violin will soon realize that embracing her differences could change her world…

…one note at a time.

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About the Author: Courtney Vowell Woodward

Music Education with Heart

Courtney Vowell Woodward is a wife, mom, former music educator, business owner, and author. After teaching music education in the classroom for 15 years, Courtney now hopes to share her passion for music through early children’s literature. Wanting to introduce a love of music in every family’s home, Courtney incorporates basic musical knowledge inside heartfelt stories — stories that include long-lasting life lessons.

Her classroom not only focused on upper-level musical skills, but on family, fun, and inclusion — themes that you will also see reflected in her writing.

Courtney hopes that music education will become an easily accessible, essential subject for students of all ages! 

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