Farewell to Family Legend, Ruth Scheer: Musical Matriarch and Children’s Author

Farewell to a Legend

A legend died today, I know
It’s hard to comprehend.
That after nearly a century
Your era came to end.

You taught me how to write in verse
When I was just a girl.
The words would form within my mind
Then on the page unfurl.

Your love of music, poetry,
And all creative things,
Developed deep within your soul,
Then flew on feathered wings.

From childhood you possessed the knack
To tickle ivory keys,
And even in the end you played
Sweet piano melodies.

Your children bid you fond farewell
While standing by your side,
But your dear songs will never die,
For in us, they reside.

-Ashley Rescot
January 4, 2022

In memory of poetess Grandmother Ruth Scheer

Mother of ten, grandmother, great-grandmother, fellow musician, and author, this larger-than-life person has inspired so many people over the course of nearly a century. Today, I’d like to honor the life and work of our own family legend, my Grandmother, Ruth Scheer.

Ruth Scheer graduated with honors from Wichita State University in 1948 with a major in English and minors in both music and French. She aspired to be a Grandma Moses figure, inspiring children to read that which was good and beautiful and to reach their full creative potential.