A Dad’s Take on Parenting Musicians

Dr. Stacy Peterson, M.D.

What is it like to be the non-musical parent of a budding musician? I couldn’t think of a better person to ask than my own amazing dad. Having attended countless violin recitals, orchestra concerts, and gigs, he’s been my number one supporter. A seasoned teacher and mentor, as well as a leader in his field, I decided to interview him to get his take on the world of music education.… Read More...

How Do I Motivate my Child/Student to Practice?

While most people find it daunting to motivate even one child to practice regularly, my mother Allison managed to motivate all four of my sisters and me to practice nearly every day from the age of 3 until we went to college, all of us with violin scholarships in hand. As the mother of a budding music student myself, I wanted to find out her tricks of the trade, not just as a professional violin teacher, but also as a busy mom, with all of the responsibility that entails!… Read More...

Ruth Scheer: Musical Matriarch

4 Generations of musicians

Mother of ten, grandmother, great-grandmother, fellow musician, and author, this larger-than-life person has inspired so many people over the course of nearly a century. Today, I’m honored to talk with my own Grandmother, Ruth Scheer.

Grandma Ruth, how did you develop an interest in music?

I discovered music for myself when I was about eight years old.… Read More...