Chapter 9: The Halloween Concert

This chapter was inspired by my mother’s real life collegiate concert. Apparently, it took place at midnight on Halloween. The conductor rose out of a coffin dressed as Dracula!!!

Mom and 3 of her sisters

Here she is featured with three of her sisters. All four of them have been my teacher at some point in my life!… Read More...

Back to Bach

After all the excitement of launch, it has taken me a little while to reset, but it’s time to return to some of our favorite composers!

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is the most well-known composer of the Baroque period, and one of the most famous composers of all time! He played many roles throughout his life, including composer, church organist, husband, and father to twenty children!… Read More...

Thank you!!

Thanks again everyone for your incredible support this month. I couldn’t have had such an amazing book launch without all of you!

I had an amazing time at the Book Signing event last Friday with live music performed by my wonderful quartet: Blackwater String Ensemble.

I am still waiting for results from the JustRead Blog Tour, but I will keep you posted once I am notified of the winners, who will each receive a signed copy of A Change in Tune, as well as a copy of another violin-related novel.… Read More...

Traditional vs. Contemporary?

Historical or Contemporary Fiction?

Classical or Pop Music?

Traditional or Contemporary Worship?

Conservative or Liberal?

This debate is centuries old, and pops up in almost every field.Where do you fall on the spectrum? And is there room for a middle ground?

Join me in celebrating book launch for A Change in Tune!Read More...